This is our motto. Vital Fit Meals provides a convenient healthy meal service to make it easy for our customers to eat better, feel better and live better. Award winning chef created meals designed to be delicious and nutritious. We strive to create foods that we like to eat and things that we want to feed our friends and family. We are constantly researching and developing new techniques to create local foods into amazing, ready to eat meals.

Vital Fit Meals are for all ages, demographics and types of people. Whether you are passionate about fitness and health, if you’re looking to lose or gain weight or you just like something delicious and easy on the go. We’ve got you covered.  

Skip the shopping and getting huge amounts of ingredients that can’t be used in time. Get exactly how much you want, when you want it. Imagine the amount of time and money you could save by having your own personal chef deliver exactly what you are looking for. Convenience has never been so delicious.

Vital Fit Meals are created by Eat Good Group and Chef Adam Hegsted in parntership with Presizion Nutrition.